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 A home temple or a pooja mandir is a very auspicious piece of furniture. Some people like to think it as a mini abode of gods- a piece that inspires peace, harmony and tranquillity at home. It’s not just a place where you bow down to pray, light diya and burn incense sticks. It’s the divine corner of within your home

Buying a pooja mandir from India for your home in USA is no longer a tedious task. Read on to learn how Fetcher Express can assist you in buying a pooja mandir from India and getting it delivered to your address anywhere in USA, all at an affordable cost

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Buying a pooja mandir and getting it shipped through us is simple and strait forward

Step 1 Contact us and discuss your requirements

Step 2 There are two ways you can buy a pooja mandir- Either you can buy a pooja mandir online from any Indian online store and get it delivered to our address in India or we can pick it up from your preferred store or seller. We can also assist you with buying a pooja mandir.

Step 3 Once we receive the mandir at our warehouse, we will let you know. Our trained personal will then perform a thorough inspection and quality check, repacking and documentation.

Step 4 Sit back and relax while we get it delivered at your address in USA

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*Pricing starts at just $200

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Fetcher express, based out of Mumbai offers one of the best international courier service from India to USA and worldwide.

Pooja mandir shipping from India

We are specialized in the international shipping with rich experience in shipping pooja mandirs from India with door delivery anywhere in USA. Let our shipping experts take care of moving your pooja mandir.


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We understand the significance and value of what is being shipped. Rest assured your pooja mandir will be handled with utmost care and will be stored at a clean dedicated space within our warehouse and will be securely packaged prior to being shipped out

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Pooja mandir is considered as an auspicious piece of furniture. In India it is generally hand made in a traditional way by skilled crafts men and not factory made.  As such the quality and beauty of the furniture is great. Plus, you get to choose from hundreds of designs and sizes. Another advantage is the cost as one can buy a quality mandir at a very reasonable price in India

No. We do not sell pooja mandirs. We are an international courier service provider based out of Mumbai, India with branches at other locations. This is a value-added service offered by us where in we assist our customers in buying a pooja mandir and getting it shipped to their address in a smooth and hassle freeway. However, we do offer assistance to our customers in buying one. Our support includes suggesting sellers, repacking, documentation, coordinating with seller, pick up and more.

Not at all. You are free to buy pooja mandir from anywhere in India, from both online and offline stores. We are conveniently located in Mumbai and you can get your pooja mandir delivered at our warehouse address.

We are conveniently located in Mumbai and all leading online stores offers delivery within India, in most cases free of cost. If your seller doesn’t offer delivery or if you are buying from an offline store or seller who doesn’t offer delivery, then we can arrange to get it picked up from their address. All that the seller has to do is to keep the mandir packed and ready.

The shipping charges entirely depend on the weight and size of the pooja mandir that’s being shipped. Our rates are reasonable in fact, we have one of the lowest courier charges from India to USA. Our pricing is transparent with no hidden charges. To get an idea, a small standard sized pooja mandir made of wood would cost you approx. 200$ to ship out where as a larger and heavier one made of stone usually marble, weighing 100+ kg would cost $1000 upwards to ship out. Please feel free to get in touch with our customer support team for consultation and to get a free no obligation quote.

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We offer one of the best international courier services from India to USA and worldwide. We offer door to door delivery with pick up anywhere in India. We have the resources, network and expertise to make international courier from India consistently fast, reliable and affordable.