International courier charges to USA

Weight (in Kg)Rate Rs/-TaxesTotal Rs/-
From 10 to 15 Kg645 per Kg only116 per Kg761 per Kg only
From 16 to 20 Kg 610 per Kg only110 per Kg720 per kg only
From 21 to 25 Kg595 per Kg only107 per Kg702 per Kg only
From 26 to 30 Kg585 per Kg only105 per Kg690 per Kg only
From 31 to 35 Kg575 per Kg only103 per Kg678 per Kg only
Above 35 KgEligibile for discounted shipping rates. Contact us for custom quote

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GST is applicable at 18% as per the norms of Govt. Of India

Actual weight or dimensional weight whichever is higher is chargeable

For larger packages, please take custom quote

Weights will be rounded to the nearest 0.5 Kg for shipments under 20Kg and will be rounded upto the nearest 1 kg for shipments above 20 Kg

These rates are not applicable for sending restricted items like Medicines

Door delivery with pick up anywhere in India.

Free door step pick up available at selected pincodes. For all other areas pick up charges might be applicable as follows : 1 to 3 Kg – Rs 250/- only 4 to 5 Kg – Rs 450/- Only 6 to 10 Kg – Rs 867/- Only Please contact customer support to know more.

Volumetric Weight

Volumetric weight also known as dimensional weight is a pricing technique used in commercial freight transport which uses an estimated weight that is calculated from the length, width and height of the package. Volumetric weight or actual weight whichever is higher is chargeable

Formula:  Volumetric weight in kg = (L x W x H) in cm/ 5000


*Conditions apply